Cloudflare and DNS management

Hey guys,

This is the scenario:

Suppose I bought my domain from ABC registrar, then I am hosting my site with XYZ company, and that led me to change my nameserver from ABC company to XYZ. Then after some years, I decide to use Cloudflare for additional security, which led me to change my nameserver to that of Cloudflare from XYZ hosting company.

My question is: all things being equal, which platform will be responsible for my DNS management, is it Cloudflare or XYZ company?

If you change your nameserver to Cloudflare, i.e. the NS records point to Cloudflare, then Cloudflare is where you manage your DNS.

The registrar gives you the domain name, the hoster gives you the IP address (and maybe server space, whatever), and Cloudflare gives you DNS.

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