Cloudflare and DigitalOcean Wordpress Droplet

I am new here and started a wordpress site (luggagetagproperties) with DigitalOcean (Server) and using Cloudflare (CDN). I’m having issues with the SSL/TLS encryption mode. If the mode is set to flexible, my site works fine, if it’s set to strict I get a 521 error. I would like the site to stay in Strict mode moving forward. Any advice would be appreciated! I am not well versed in this and am still learning. The DigitalOcean Wordpress Droplet is running Ubuntu 22.04 and Apache 2.



Do you have a certificate installed on your Origin server?

Is port 443 open on your server?

If you pause Cloudflare (or set the DNS record to :grey:) are you able to access your server using https?

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I do not, I know how to generate it from Cloudflare though. Is it easy to upload to the server?


When I disable Cloudflare, the host is now showing as DigitalOcean rather than Cloudflare, but if the SSL setting is still set to strict I get the 521 error. I’m assuming this is because the DNS records with my domain provider are pointing to Cloudflare and then Cloudflare is pointing to DigitalOcean? As long as the SSL settings are set to “Flexible”, regardless if Cloudflare is disabled or enabled then I can go to the site. If “Strict” is set, the 521 error is thrown.

We can see from reading others here that if your getting a 521 on SSL requests but non SSL requests work fine it usually means two things:

  • Your web server is not set-up to receive SSL connections.
  • Your firewall is blocking connections over SSL.

You can read more about Digitalocean Users on this topic:

We can also see here these solutions are in the resolution section for 521.

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