Cloudflare and cosmote have again issues I cannot see my sites

Hi. All my sites are down when i use cosmote. I am in Greece we had the same issue some days before Cloudflare Status - Increased HTTP 522 Errors in Athens, Greece

Thanks for reporting this. We haven’t had any recent similar reports. Is this only happening with the one ISP again?

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I can confirm too. A few minutes ago the problem resolved. Our sites are back online.

Thanks @arvanitidisk. Are your sites back up as well, @webplantech?

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yes they are up but they load slow.

Indeed it looks like a similar issue reaching a single hosting provider - the same one as the incident before however this time everything recovered within a few minutes automatically.

Are you still seeing an ongoing issue with 522s?

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Now it looks okay but it is weird when it happens and it causes problems

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