CloudFlare and BackBlaze cloud storage

İ was looking BackBlaze cloud storage and I found out that BackBlaze and CloudFlare are bandwidth partners. Bandwidth from storage to cloudflare are free.

İ did everything that this tutorial told me to do.

My question is: does cloudflare cache images in my cloud storage? For example i downloaded image with my url. Does second user download images from cloudflare (without making any request to BackBlaze ) or cloud flare get images everytime from BackBlaze?

How is this partnership works?

The partnership just means that Backblaze shouldn’t charge for bandwidth for anything retrieved through Cloudflare.

The second user will hit the cache only if they’re going through the same edge server.

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So CloudFlare caches the images or videos from backblaze Am I right?(I only store images and videos) But Second user or other users only get cached image or video when they request image from same cloudflare server?

How much time does cloudflare keep image or video in cache?

It depends on how popular it is. If it’s used frequently, Cloudflare will cache it longer, up to however long you have the cache set for. If it’s used infrequently, it’ll probably be evicted within a half-day.

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I’m sorry if I ask so many questions. I’m a noob. But when cloudflare serve file from cache, cloudflare doesnt make any request to cloud storage right?

Not for a cached file that shows a “HIT”.

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Thanks you’re awesome.

Edit: If I understand correctly, CloudFlare doesn’t cache mp4 files. That page shows cached files by default (shows the extension). But There is no mp4. Does cloud flare cache mp4 files? @sdayman

Edit2: Do you limit bandwith usage? I mean whats the bandwith limit with the free plan? Or is there any limit?

Hi. its me again. When i read the tos, tos says i can’t proxy non HTML files. But my storage in BackBlaze is full of images(jpg or jpeg extension and smaller than 65kb) and videos(mp4 extension and smaller than 1 MB). So cloudflare terms says i cannot proxy images or videos. İt says it’s prohibited.

After i saw this i contacted with BackBlaze team. İ asked them this.(i mean what’s the point of bandwidth alliance if i can’t use it for non HTML files) They said it’s not valid for BackBlaze and i can proxy images or videos from BackBlaze over CloudFlare.

But now I’m confused. Which one is true? @sdayman @cscharff

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