Cloudflare and 123-reg/webfusion shared hosting


I’m just starting out with Cloudflare, and wish to secure my personal site (currently with the free offering). This site is hosted on a shared hosting platform with UK host

Transfer of nameservers in my hosting configuration was apparently successful, as was the generation of the Universal SSL at the Cloudflare end. My Cloudflare control panel shows the domain ( as active and the DNS ‘A’ records show the passthrough arrow icon under status.

The SSL/TLS app also shows that the Univresal SSL Status is Active.

The browser shows the redirected https version of the URL ok, but gives me this output:


I queried the 123-reg support, but they had not heard of Cloudflare…

Is there something I have misunderstood? and if not, should your service work with shared hosting (according to 123-reg support, I cannot install 3rd party SSL certs on shared hosting - which i expected as i don’t have filesystem/terminal access)

Any advice greatly received - I’d love to use this service as it looks really cool



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Arg - never mind - it has just popped up!


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