Cloudflare analytics why not use server analytics?

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comparing Cloudflare pages to netlify, i wonder why the Cloudflare analytics need to embed a script which makes CSP dificult to manage. Why Cloudflare is not using server analytics since the Cloudflare pages are hosted somewhere on the servers Cloudflare controls?

netlify is a mouse comparing to Cloudflare yet they have built the better analytics than the Cloudflare? how is that possible?

weird but looking forward to a response on why the Cloudflare pages users needs to have the Cloudflare script embedded on the weebsite when the server is under Cloudflare control


They do, that’s exactly what Zone Analytics and Account Analytics are.

If you want to use Web Analytics as well for measuring stuff like Page Load Time or Core Web Vitals then that’s entirely up to you.

They’re different analytics with different goals.

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Hi @KianNH

i wasnt aware that there are more than 1 type of analytics in Cloudflare. i only get 1 option in the pages where it say enable analytics and then it embed the script. how to use or access other analytics available for cloudlfare pages sites


hi there

any update on how to activate or access the different analytics versions ?