Cloudflare Analytics reports 404 errors but I can't find any in server logs

Looking at the Cloudflare Analytics report I see that the website returns plenty of 404 errors but I can’t find any in the server logs. Any thoughts?

I don’t see anything that specifically mentions 404. I see the general 4xx, which can be 403, etc.

I don’t see any 4xx code in the server logs.
It’s a redirected domain, every URL redirects to a new address, so I don’t get why Cloudflare reports these errors. If they’re not promoted in the server logs where should I find them?

Check the Traffic section of Analytics. It should show you a breakdown of Status Codes.

I don’t have the Pro Plan on the redirected domain so I have no access to these stats.

Then it’s a safe bet that these aren’t 404s.

I get it but I still want to see what these errors are about. It’s not normal for Cloudflare to keep these logs hidden and force you to pay to see them. And they don’t even have support.

So can anyone help me find those errors, please?


Is anyone from Cloudflare here? If Cloudflare does not offer support even for Pro members I expect at least to have decent support in the community.

This issue is out of my hands and I really want to know where these errors come from.

Does anyone know how can I get in touch with Cloudflare?