Cloudflare Analytics only records root path "/" - doesn't show other page views?

I have implemented Cloudflare Analytics on my NextJS powered site, but it fails to provide any other tracked paths than β€œ/”. Any insights into this?

Help much appreciated :raised_hands:

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Where is the site hosted? Many Next.js sites are deployed on Vercel and it requires a certain setup to work https:// vercel .com/guides/using-Cloudflare-with-vercel
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It is hosted on render . com. Does that have a similar issue?

Just changed the Cloudflare DNS config to use CNAME instead A record pointing at render’s IP. This was suggested in Render’s docs. Not sure it should affect anything.

I am not 100% sure, but they have a guide here: https:// render .com/docs/configure-Cloudflare-dns