Cloudflare analytics on website hosted on github pages on cloudflare subdomain

I recently setup my personal website hosted on github pages. The domain is registered with Cloudflare and the DNS configuration includes a proxied CNAME record from to the github page service.

I wanted to add Cloudflare analytics on top, and as the subdomain was not available in the drop-down list proposed by Cloudflare automatic setup, I went with the other approach, to include the JS code snippet at the end of the pages of my website.

By inspection, this script is added to the website.

<script defer="" src="" data-cf-beacon="{&quot;token&quot;: &quot;dcb3128e14fe42dcb6e0ef9fd62cbe53&quot;}"></script>

Yet I don’t see any analytics coming in, any idea what I did wrong?

Second question, is it OK to have this token in clear on the website? Isn’t that a security hazard?