Cloudflare Analytics on IBM Cloud

Hi all,

How can i get a report from CIS on IBM cloud realted with blocked threats ? There are some data under threats tab but it is not showing that what types of attacks are blocked by cloudflare for one or three months ?

Thank you very much.

By the lack of response, I’m betting nobody watching is familiar with this.

As this is a Cloudflare community, let’s start with the Cloudflare dashboard.

Are you looking at the Analytics tab for the past month? I believe that’s as far back as it will go. What kids of attacks are you expecting to see?

You can also look at Firewall Events, but that only goes back 24 hours.

Hello sdayman,
Thank you for your response.
CIS = Cloudflare on IBM Cloud
Yes, we are looking a dashboard for blocked threats by CF for past 3 months. There is simple dasboard on CIS and customer requests detailed report for blocked threahts by cloudflare.
Thank you.