Cloudflare analytics does not show web traffic


My cloudflare dashboard shows zero web traffic, since July 29th. We know that we are getting thousands of visitors each day. What is causing this and how can I fix?

You either unproxied the DNS entries at that point or paused Cloudflare, hence traffic goes straight to your server.

You’d need to proxy again :orange:

You are correct. Proxy is turned off. Is there any reason I should hesitate to turn proxy back on? I can’t remember why this was switched off in the first place.

Your provider seems to be using Cloudflare as well, so you may run into The orange to orange problem, however you need it proxied if you want to use Cloudflare for anything other than DNS.

Oh I see. So if wpengine is using cloudflare, is the best practice to leave proxy off?

You can try to proxy it, but you may run into mentioned issue. Otherwise you can definitely leave it unproxied, but then you’ll be only using DNS.

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