Cloudflare Analytics completely wrong

Hi guys,

I am a new Cloudflare user for my website. I connected it (not sure if that’s the word for it) last week and now that I come to check Cloudflare Analytics to see how it is doing, the data is completely wrong, eventhough I wish it wasn’t…

Cloudflare Analytics shows me 1,23k unique visitors in the past week :

Whereas in reality it has been… 48 visitors :frowning: :
(I can’t show Google Analytics screenshot as I am a new user)

Furthermore, I have noticed a decrease in visits since I use Cloudflare, maybe it’s because it’s a special long weekend and people don’t check websites about Finance (I hope) or maybe it’s due to my website being slower.

As I am far from being an expert, I probably didn’t optimize everything to make my website’s performance perfect.

If you have feedbacks, comments or advice, I would gladly hear them.

Thank you so much for your help!


And fewer visitors can either be because you have fewer visitors or because you previously counted attacks which are now blocked by Cloudflare’s security.

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