Cloudflare always returns cf-cache-status: REVALIDATED

Hi CF team,

After trying 50 things over the internet to fix this, I am posting this but can’t find a solution. My website is built on WordPress & I am using BunnyCDN for all files, but I cannot reach HIT status.

Help Please.


Without a link it will be hard to help. But let me explain what revalidated means.

Quoting from: Default Cache Behavior · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

Status Description
REVALIDATED The resource is served from Cloudflare’s cache but is stale. The resource was revalidated by either an If-Modified-Since header or an If-None-Match header .

Please check if BunnyCDN does have these headers and if yes thats the reson for getting this cf-cache-status. But don’t worry too much, it still is getting served from cache.

I had tried adding the link initially but wasn’t able to do it, and yes I already explore the article you shared but I am in need of a fix and not an explanation. I would love your help in fixing this. I don;t know how I can share the link

To be able to fix it, you first must understand what is causing this. I will not fix it for you, nor can I without any additional info, but I am more than happy to help you, so you can help yourself/fix it yourself. If you don’t take your time to understand it you actually are at the wrong place - sales team is to be found HERE :slight_smile: We don’t do your work, we support Cloudflare’s products, especially if there is a problem at Cloudflare, not a generell problem somewhere.

Also Cloudflare seems to work perfectly normal as I see and since this behaviour is to be expected in certain scenarios I don’t see a problem at Cloudflare, but actually at BunnyCDN as it probably indicated to Cloudflare (by headers) that it should revalidate the cache on every request. This can have multiple resons.

  1. for making sure content updates very quick on Cloudflares CDN without sacrificing performance.
  2. for tracking how often something gets called and therefore for simple analytics/statistics

If you need someone to fix things for you, please hire someone.

About the link, post it as code, not as a hyperlink. Should work.

Please also change the category from “Performance” to something else, since performance wise it is exactly the same as if you would receive a HIT. Both are served from cache.

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