Cloudflare always return 304

Hello ,

I installed and configured Cloudflare at my website. Eveyrthing has been all right until now… A few days ago I started receiving “304” status on my page each time I load it.

I checked out there and I found this is something related to cache re-validation.

In result I get one extra request +60 KB extra page size to load which for me is at utmost importance for me.

What am I supposed to do to get rid of this 304 response?

My page address affected by this issue is:
Here is a screenshot presenting the issue on the report:


A 304 means the browser asked for the resource, and the server says “I’ve re-validated, and the resource hasn’t changed. No need to transfer it again. Get it from your cache.” If my browser’s cache is disabled, I don’t get 304s because my cache is empty. Everything will transfer every time.

Even though it has a Size, it transfers zero because it’s in my cache.


All is clear for me, thank you for the answer.