Cloudflare agent suspend my pro-plan ( there is no traffic - no reason )

After several hours of work between Cloudflare and my Nginx ( In pro-plan from the beginning ) , my website finally works well, then 8 hours later Cloudflare send me a message

"We are sorry you no longer need Professional Plan for

This is a confirmation that your subscription was canceled May 16. As a reminder this means you will no longer benefit from advanced security and performance benefits only available on the Pro Plan."


The problem is that i never change my plan 1000% sure.

The problem was reported ( Request #1523603 ) but 8 hours later, not response from you guys.

I think this is nothing we can help you with. Most of us are just customers as you are. But since CF staff is here maybe they can have a look into this.
@ryan possibly.

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Did you not receive the two responses from this morning? If not, let me know and we can troubleshoot that. Otherwise, the last update (albeit 9 hours ago) is still accurate. We have escalated your case to billing for review and should have an update soon.

For context, we have encountered an issue where a very small number of users are getting downgraded, or falsely notified of a downgrade, and are working on the fix.


Yes, this morning… - ok them…

Thanks for you reply.

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