Cloudflare adds 250ms to response time

I’ve noticed that any time I add Cloudflare to one of my websites, the response time goes up by about 2x from pretty much everywhere. Even in the US from my country Australia, it averages 490ms per request.

Bypassing CF entirely and going direct to IP, it responds much quicker at about 250ms, or down to 22ms from ReqBin (with CF, 70ms). A heavy blow too, is that the first request made often takes around 1.5 seconds, up from 400ms.

I’m on the free plan, and I’m using CF’s SSL certificates with every request. My hoster is DigitalOcean, I’ve allowlisted all CF ips, and i’ve mostly stuck to the default configs. This happens with practically all my sites.

No CF:

It seems that the requests from are either not proxied in the first place, or not cached.

I recommend checking our documentation on how to cache additional content, for file types that are not cached by default, such as HTML and JS:

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