Cloudflare activation pending dns check on queue

2 day back account created still account not activated and no info about account .Why this much time taking cloudflare team.No need to hold that much time if we properly configured no need to take that much with in few minutes or hours DNS Works.But why kept more than 24 houre

What’s the domain? 2 day back I registered still on pending.

Your name servers are not properly configured. It can only be the two assigned to you by Cloudflare. I still see GoDaddy’s name servers at and

Your domain also shows this:

Thank you for information.We will set it and Back.This Much Information not provided last 48 Hrs.Thank u

After Change the DNS Records the bellow error showing domain and the domain using stack path also

You’re now using Cloudflare DNS, and that site is resolving. But it’s not proxied by Cloudflare, so you’re not using any Cloudflare features, other than DNS.

Oh,thank u for your conformation please ,conform how to enable poxied please explain me what are the option cover into proxies

what are the settings need to be change for proxied , and i want enable cloudflare to my domain please explain the activation

Edit the DNS records for ‘’ and ‘www’ so they’re :orange: instead of :grey:.

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