Cloudflare activation not successful

Hello! I have been waiting for 3 days for my domain to be active in Cloudflare, Cloudflare NS are up and running, and the DNS resolves to my A record in Cloudflare, but the domain is not active yet. Does anyone know how long would this take?


You have a typo in the nameserver, but the other issue is that your server is not secure.

Before you set up Cloudflare, you need to secure your server and make sure it loads fine on HTTPS.

I don’t identify a typo in my NS… can you help me point it out

Again, you need to secure the server first as that can’t work on Cloudflare.

Configure a valid certificate on your server (an Origin certificate will also work) and once the site loads fine on HTTPS we can check out any other issues.

Ok, but I can’t generate a certificate if the zone is not valid yet… that’s weird ive had 6 sites with Cloudflare and never had an issue like this, never had to secure the server first, I usually secure after with CF own certificate generator.

Do you where can I generate a certificate for my server?

Fair enough, if you need an Origin certificate you do need to validate the domain first. For that you need to fix the nameserver entry at your registrar.

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