Cloudflare activated for a different account

Cloudflare is already activated for “domain” under a different account.

I checked my nameservers at my registrar and they point to the hosting company and not Cloudflare. As far as I know i only have and use one Cloudflare account. Though the hosting companies have Cloudflare in cpanel.

I checked to see on and it shows the hosting company nameservers.

Any way to tell which Cloudflare account has control of a domain?


If you go to your Cloudflare Dashboard and scroll down to Cloudflare Nameservers. There you’ll see what they should be. If they do not match, you need to fix that at the Registrar and consider changing passwords and enabling 2 factor authentication of your admin accounts everywhere.


Thanks but there is no such entry on the main page. only a list of domains using Cloudflare, and the one above is not on there. It has hosting company nameservers and not Cloudflare nameservers.

Hi @bee.wealthy, the only reason you would not see name servers listed as @Withheld mentioned is if the zone is signed through a partner, that is quick fix idea 1 in this tip,Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”.

WRT your question on “tell which Cloudflare account has control of a domain”, no Cloudflare can only address questions about domains in your account and does not share details on zones in other accounts.

Can you share the name of the domain in question? That may help folks to troubleshoot it a bit more. Sorry for the issues.

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I checked all the tips in the community tip list. I had the Cloudflare enabled but had to move the domain to another host. I changed the nameservers to the new host nameservers. It was changed on 4/4 and It’s been over a week now. My domain works, but I would love to have Cloudflare like I have on all other domains. It is only on two domains that I don’t, with the same host.

And they are both set to my host nameservers. (ns2,ns3, etc.) I try to enable it in Cloudflare cpanel app, but it says already activated with another account, but as far as I know I only have one, and does not list either of the above 2 domains.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Hi @bee.wealthy, thank you, that’s helpful. I looked into your account and domains and can see the following:

$ dig ns +short
$ dig ns +short

So, these two are pointing to Cloudflare name servers and are set up directly through Cloudflare by you.

But, I’m confused, you indicated you “…checked my nameservers at my registrar and they point to the hosting company and not Cloudflare”; these two are the opposite of that statement: they are not pointing to your hosting provider.

To get these two to be like the other zones in your account, I’d:

  1. Contact your registrar and have them change the name servers from the Cloudflare name servers to their default name servers (you may need to have these changed again if your host & registrar are not the same entity).
  2. Once the servers are changed, I’d remove the domains from your Cloudflare account (overview tab, right sidebar, bottom, remove zone from account)
  3. Once they are removed from Cloudflare, I’d add them to your cpanel account with your hosting provider and follow whatever directions you need to to change/make sure the name servers are pointed to the hosting company.
    3a. You may receive an error in cpanel saying they are active in another account, in that case, raise a ticket with Cloudflare Customer Support and ask them to purged the zones from your account. If so, please share that ticket number here and I’ll follow up on it with Customer Support.

Please post back on progress, again sorry for the issues, and thank you.

That is a different domain and it works fine, see

The ones I need to get on Cloudflare are below:

They are different than the one you saw.

And how do you contact support, I don’t see anyway or links that show that, Thanks for your help.

Ah, got it.

Here is what I see for those:

$ dig ns +short
$ dig ns +short

If those are your domains and they were added to Cloudflare by someone you don’t know/added by you into an account you can no longer access/forgot, I’d add them in your active Cloudflare account, get name servers allocated for them, change the name servers with your domain registrar to those given by Cloudflare when you added the zone, wait for them to verify. Once that happens, you have control of the zones and can move them over to a partial setup with your hosting provider as described above.

To contact Customer Support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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Ok thank you for the tips! I think I will do that. Is there any benefit of having Cloudflare hosted nameservers rather than just Cloudflare cname through cpanel?

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