[Cloudflare]: Action Required - Update nameservers for aboutrock.com but the records seem correct

Ok so my website aboutrock.com (which is the root domain, not the actual website) doesn’t have it’s DNS records set correctly (according to Cloudflare) but my records seem correct! A screenshot of my records are below.
Screenshot 2021-09-09 12.57.00 PM
So what’s wrong with these records what do I need to change?

The nameservers are currently set to:


You need to change these to those provided by Cloudflare. This change has to be made at your Registrar.

I’m in the final stages of changing the records for the root domain! Once completed (and rescaned by Cloudflare) the site should be online?

But the wait time is approximately 6 minutes (I’m in a live chat right now)

I’ll give them those nameservers

Those are the nameservers that the domain is currently set to. In order to activate a zone on Cloudflare you need to change your NS with your registrar to the pair of nameservers Cloudflare assigned to the zone.

Yeah and that’s what I’m doing! The site was made on godaddy so they can change the root domain’s nameservers

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