[Cloudflare - Action Required] Upcoming Let's Encrypt certificate chain change

Hello, I received an email with the subject:

[Cloudflare - Action Required] Upcoming Let’s Encrypt certificate chain change.

What does that mean for me?
The text is quite lengthy and I’m not very knowledgeable on the topic.
I have several websites and they only use what Cloudflare provides in the free plan.

How does this affect me?

Thank you for your time.

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More information here…

Unless you have a lot of users or traffic from old devices, then you should be ok.

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Which devices considered OLD?
Android 7 and less, any more need to know OS?
How about iOS, MAC OS, OS X
WINDOWS and so on?

Or is it relevant to Android 7 alone?

A good rule of thumb is that any system versions that are no longer supported by the manufacturer or developer are “OLD”.

This is a good resource that can help answer that question.

Updating to add that in the context of the changes to Let’s Encrypt certificates, Android devices version 7.1.1 and older are the ones affected. I don’t know if any outdated iOS or desktop OS versions are impacted as I do not use or support any that meet that profile.

Just to confirm. On WordPress websites secured with Let’s Encrypt certificates and using the Cloudflare CDN plugin, nothing should be affected. Correct?

Cloudflare uses Let’s Encrypt and other certificate authorities. That means that any visitors who use obsolete devices running ancient versions of Android will very likely be affected. Your best option is to perform your own testing using the devices that you wish to support.

As long as updated devices or non-out of date devices will not be affected, I’m going to stay pat. If someone is running Android 7 or earlier, well, they’ll be SOOL.

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