[Cloudflare]: [ACTION REQUIRED] Daily request limit exceeded for Cloudflare Workers

I need help. I received this email and don’t remember activating the mentioned “workers”.


You have exceeded the daily Cloudflare Worker limit of 100000 requests.

If you do not take any action, your end users will experience 5XX errors until the limit resets at 2021-11-12 at 00:00:00 UTC.

You can restore service by upgrading your account (xxxxxx) to the Paid plan on the plans page. It has a minimum monthly billing amount of $5, and it is $0.50 per million requests beyond the first 10 million.

If you are using a Worker in front of an existing domain, you can disable it or set the route to fail open in the dashboard to continue to pass requests to your origin.

The Cloudflare Team

If you go to the Workers section, do you see any there? https://dash.cloudflare.com?to=/:account/workers/overview

Thank you for your prompt response. No, I haven’t seen anything. However, it is asking me to set up one. See the screenshot below.

Try claiming a subdomain, you won’t have to put anything on it. It looks like having a subdomain is technically a requirement to see all your workers on the workers overview page.


Thank you Judge you saved me. This response solved my problem. I was able to identify the issue after claiming my subdomain.


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