Cloudflare acting up


Few days ago my Cloudflare started acting up, I started getting these errors: Screenshot by Lightshot

When the site works fine, pressing “retry” opens up the site in a blink. It caused a 30% traffic drop and it’s right now doing some bad damage.

I checked with the host they said no issues have been found, so it must be Cloudflare yeah?


I’d like to add that this started happening after I created a subdomain on my host server and pointed Cloudflare to it… but my original site and subdomain are not reliant to one another, could there still be some kind of conflict?

Your screenshot is a wp-admin page. It’s also giving 502 errors for regular visitors?

Since you say it started when you created a subdomain that uses Cloudflare, I would guess that a firewall at your host started throttling access that comes through Cloudflare.

5xx errors are caused by your host not responding to Cloudflare. Ask your host to check firewall logs.

Yes they were caused to normal visitors too and my site slowed down, after I cleared cache and paused/unpaused Cloudflare it cleared up but I can’t be sure… I’ll definitely ask them about that thanks.

The host told me they did some “network tweaks” and it didn’t appear for 2 days but now it’s back again. Ugh.

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