Cloudflare account suspended

I renewed the domain period and the amount was deducted. There was a problem with the bank and they requested a refund to my bank account. My Cloudflare account has been suspended due to this issue.
I contacted Cloudflare Trust & Safety support and they said the bank should refund the amount. I called the bank and they said the money can’t be refunded. Now I can’t renew domains and I can’t Transport to another provider I need help

Cloudflare Trust & Safety
(I’m sorry but we are unable to assist you until your bank can reverse the charges.

Like I mentioned before we had to pay a fee for YOUR chargeback and there is no other alternative in resolving this.)

Report updated: (#13655751) Cloudflare account has been suspended

Unfortunately you can only continue to address this with T&S. Neither the community nor support can help with that.

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