Cloudflare account suspended without notice - URGENT

Dear Cloudflare support,

I received this email about 12 hours ago…

The Cloudflare account associated with this email address [email protected] has been suspended for a possible Terms of Service violation. Cloudflare’s Terms of Service are
available at

If you have any questions regarding this suspension please contact Cloudflare’s Trust & Safety team at [email protected] to discuss this action.

Cloudflare Trust & Safety

My account got suspended, all websites down!

I would like to know what caused this action. And I need to resolve this as quick as possible. All of my websites are down because of this.

I am willing to find the reason of violation and work it out.
I would like to mention that I wrote the email to ‘abusereply’ but there is no any reply yet. Clock ticks websites are still down …

Please respond as quickly as possible.

Simply answer to this email. We can’t help you here, sorry.

I replied to email, waiting for the response.

Can you please explain me why Cloudflare or someone deleted all records from my account?
I view Audit log and was shocked.
Is this normal procedure? Or my account has been hacked?

Your account has been suspended and the Trust & Safety Team has deleted the records. If your account was hacked you would see your user name in the ‘User’ column. But the user is Cloudflare.

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It looks bizarre to me.
Deleting all records without any notice and writing no reason. Causing downtime and money loss across all websites and services.

Hope you understand my concern.

You need to wait for their reply. If the T&S team suspends websites or accounts they see a good reason for it. Not saying that the don’t make mistakes

In the meantime you could change your nameservers back to your registrar to get your website back online until this issue ist solved.

And check the TOS. Maybe there’s something you have violated, possibly unintentionally


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