Cloudflare account suspended over mistaken bank dispute goes unresolved

I switched to cloudflare last december with one domain I had over at google domains and the same day I registered a new domain as well. My bank emailed me notifying of a potential duplicate transaction, as I read the email I mistook it as another new service I had trialed (backblaze) and clicked that it was a duplicate transaction. My bank filed a dispute for one of the two domain registration charges and when I realized my mistake I contacted my bank imediately to cancel the dispute.

Unfortunately my bank can not reverse a dispute, and told me to contact cloudflare explaining what happened and ask them to respond to my banks letter. My bank noted my side of the story however required a response from cloudflare to close the case and re instate the money to cloudflare. So I contacted cloudflare right away and explained the situation to them. My account was pretty quickly suspended which only prevented me from registering new domains and did not effect my existing two domains.

I exchanged emails with cloudflare abuse team explaining what happened and they asked me to have the bank cancel the dispute. I contacted my bank multiple times however they continued to tell me cloudflare needed to respond to them. And cloudflare abuse continued to insist that I have the bank reverse the dispute and would not work with me to re pay cloudflare. We went in circles over many emails where I continue to appologize and offer to repay them however they refused to work with me. This has been insanely frustrating and I have made every best effort to repay cloudflare the $10 .com registration cost.

Now 11 months later my account is still suspended and I am unable to update billing info in order to renew my domains. Ive contacted billing and they said trust and safety team will be looking into this and contacting me however its been several days and nothing.

Is there anyone out here who can help me to resolve this? It was an honest mistake and Im very sorry for the inconvenience, I would like to continue using cloudflare for my domains. Is there any hope?

Im not sure why cloudflare was unable or unwilling to respond to my banks attempts to contact them, however if they had responded about our conversations the bank already had my explanation and would have allowed the transaction to go through.

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