Cloudflare account not sending verification email to any address

Hi there,

we have encountered quite a problem.

Our cloudflare account is not sending verification emails to any address for some reason, therefore we cannot verify the CF account, and this is causing us NOT to be able to use certain features of Cloudflare.
Since there is this new feature in the Cloudflare portal that now does not allow to view the api global key UNTIL the account is verified, we can not use the CF api . I find nothing in spam directory, and other accounts can send verification mail without a hitch.

Bad deliver-ability from some CF accounts, is a common bug with CF that has not been resolved yet. Until the problem of verification mail is resolved. maybe you should remove this new feature that forbids the user to view & use the global api key, until the account is verified.
As it is I can not even send a support request by email … because “the account has not yet been verified” :laughing:
pls advise
thank you in anticipation :+1:

It’s not a common bug. It’s because users have deliberately chosen to not receive email from Cloudflare. A search here returns many results on the subject.


I beg to differ as I have at least 5 accounts that do not absolutely send any mail be it verification or otherwise and i have selected to receive mail from CF for them.
I did search and all i found was to contact support. When I send a support email it bounces because the account has not yet been verified. This is clearly something that CF have to fix and the only way i can ask for support is here.

Hi sdayman , this is the problem I am referring to. I must have pressed that “Please verify your email address to receive updates and notices for your account.” link at least 50 times in the last 2 days, and i receive no mail & not in spam from that account, not even when i add a domain. trust me when i tell you that i did select receive mail from CF when i created the account. the only solution i know till now is to simply create another account, but this is not really a solution due to email etc etc. Any ideas pls?

If you post the domain name on that account, @blas is online right now and can probably track down the issue.


@domains56 it’s what @sdayman said and as you indicated. The email was not verified and on our suppression list. I’ve cleared that and sent a verification email for the account you are using here. If you have other accounts in the same predicament, contact support AT cloudflare DOT com from the affected email(s), share the ticket numbers here and tag me to investigate @cloonan


Hey goodmorning gentlemen … @cloonan, whatever you did worked, as this morning i found the verification email and I could verify that account. thanks you so much for resolving this so quickly :coffee: :pancakes: :hugs:

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