CloudFlare account lost cannot access it through forgot password or forgot username

We are using the GoDaddy for domain and Cloudflare for DNS and hosting.
The person who designed the website doesn’t work over there and we cannot get access Cloudflare account anymore.
We have malware and we need to access Cloudflare to resolve the issue.

Can anyone help!!

I am sorry to hear that :confused:

This should be double-checked and fixed at your hosting provider, not Cloudflare :thinking:

Don’t you have some cPanel access or any other hosting provider information or login to check?

We only have domain from GoDaddy. Cloudflare is used for hosting and DNS. We have no way (cPannel)to get the login.

Cloudflare does not offer traditional hosting. Unless your site is being hosted on Cloudflare Pages or Cloudflare Workers, it will be with a web hosting service that sits behind the Cloudflare proxy.

It might be worth reviewing your billing records to see if that helps you identify who you pay for web hosting

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