Cloudflare Account email address is not verified

We´ve a CloudFlare account that is stuck as (not verified), I tried changing email address, I´ve tried clicking Send Verification email, but it never arrives.
And because of that I can´t even access the CloudFlare Support page

I´ve checked both Spam and Quarantine and even Trace any email to my email address account. The interesting thing is that I do receive other emails from CloudFlare on this same email address but not the verification email.
For instance I just receive on my cloudflare account email from [email protected]

Hi @user38910,

You are likely on the suppression list due to a bounce or unsubscribe from emails.

Can you email [email protected] from the email on your account and post the ticket number here when you get an auto reply?

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Hello domjh,

request (#2335535) has been submitted

This ticket just popped up on the escalation list, courtesy of Dom.


Sorry for the issues @user38910 I just cleared your email from the block list and have sent a verification token, let us know if that all works ok for you.


Thank you cloonan for trying, unfortunately, I still did not receive any verification email.
tracing any emails to my Cloudflare email account only shows Cloudflare Community emails.

Hello @cloonan hope you´ve enjoied the holiday. Even after you´ve cleared the email on Ticket 2335535, I still did no receive any token and/or confirmation email ( I did tried 2 times since last friday.
And once again I did trace the emails sent to my CloudFlare admin email account, and the only emails I´ve got there are from this CloudFlare Comunity´s emails (and the CF Support Ticket confirmation).

At first my CF admin email was different of what is configured now (I did try to change it as an effort to get the confirmation email, several days ago). But the current email address is the one that oppened the Ticket 2335535.

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Hi @user38910 sorry for the pain, I have cleared the email and resent the token, lmk if that helps.

Thank you. +1 to that! Really :slightly_smiling_face: nice to be with family & friends.


Thank you @cloonan. “Your email (my) address is now verified.”

Happy 2022 to the Cloudflare Community. Cheers


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