Cloudflare Account Created and added my site now how to add CDN

I have Created a Cloudflare account and added my website and done other configurations.

but, I am not sure whether my website is CDN enabled or do I need to connect it with my website manually. If I need to connect it Mannually ( please share the process of how to connect the website with the Cloudflare CDN service).


Enable proxy :orange: and you are good to go.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I did the same… Now, to be sure, I want to check that CDN is connected or not?

How can I check?

See whether the DNS resolves to Cloudflare IPs (starts with 104 or 172)

Or, Type - if you see some information e.g. your IP address, user agent, TLS version, etc. means your website is already on Cloudflare.

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