Cloudflare account - Cannot verify email


I am receiving the following notice in my Preferences: “Your email address is not verified.Send verification email”.

When I receive the email and click the verify url it redirects me to a page with the title “This link is not valid”. Besides of that, my email was always verified, I just saw it when I wanted to change my password to a lovely 64 character random password.

:slight_smile: Anyone else noticed the same behaviour?

yes, i have the same “error” each and every time i transfer in a domain. They all use the same email address too.

For now, i’m just ignoring it, but unsure if there are any real consequences.

I do not see any bounces and just resent the verification email to you @Centra365 . LMK if that works.

Same for you @Rocketesta no bounces that I can see and your email is verified so I did not send a verification token.

Hello Cloonan,

I just received the verification mail, this time it succeeded. Must have been something else.

Thanks, this worked out for me now :slight_smile:

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