Cloudflare accidentally pointing another website to my webserver

hello im aravid,
i have one website using your nameservers. but cloudflare accidentally pointing another domain someones to my webserver. please fix this issue. im facing duplicate content issue. my adsense blocked. please fix this cloudflare team

Not CloudFlares problem. Everyone can point its domain to ever IP he wants. Its their right to do so.

Its your problem and solvable from your site. There is nothing CloudFlare is involved with.
If you do not like “” to show your content. Then configurate your Webserver in a way, it just accepts your own domain and just map your own domain to your webspace/application.

currently im using aws, how can i configurate Webserver. please help me

What @M4rt1n wrote plus - what’s the actual issue here - your server does not have a valid certificate and considering it still loads you must have an insecure encryption mode selected on Cloudflare which makes your whole site insecure.

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