Cloudflare Access - Web App - Get User Info


Our intranet is protected behind a Cloudflare Access policy.
Is there an easy way to get information about the logged in user accessible to the application behind the Access page?


  1. John surfs to
  2. Sees an Access Login page and/or is automatically admitted thanks to a Warp session via the desktop app
  3. The intranet home page loads
    → I can somehow retrieve name/email from the logged in session.

Is this possible?

Yes, it’s sent in headers to the origin along with the JWT. JSON web tokens · Cloudflare for Teams documentation We’ve also released an example plugin for Atlassian products which parse this as a reference implementation: GitHub - cloudflare/cloudflare-access-for-atlassian: Authenticate Atlasssian products when using Cloudflare Access

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