Cloudflare Access support for kubectl and performance

Hi dear community,
I’ve just setup a Cloudflare Access to run my kubectl commands through Argo Tunnel.
I followed the guide to configure it.

I did just a very rough performance check:

> time kubeone cluster-info dump > dev-cluster-cloudflare.txt

real	0m4,840s
user	0m0,598s
sys	0m0,066s

> time kubectl cluster-info dump > /tmp/dev-cluster.txt

real	0m1,786s
user	0m0,566s
sys	0m0,096s

The first command is going through the Cloudflare network. I tried multiple times with both commands and the result are oscillating but almost the same.
Why do we have such poor performance?
Is this expected? Or am I missing something?


Why are you expecting faster performance? Argo Tunnel’s primary purpose is to lock down the connection between your server and Cloudflare. Smart Routing doesn’t really kick in unless you’re far away from the server and your default route is not efficient.

What do you mean?
Would say that I didn’t expect such network performance degradation.

Sure the purpose is to lock down the access and sure it has a cost.
But, generally speaking, I wouldn’t expect an answer 3 times slower.