Cloudflare Access & Supabase


Documentation on integrating Cloudflare Access with Supabase / Firebase etc.

Access communicates with a SAML or Oauth endpoint. If either of those platforms supports that type of Authentication you plug in the associated values and it just works.

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Cloudflare Access has instructions for an app. Supabase also has detailed setup instructions for an app. The goal is not to have two applications, each with OAuth (or similar). It is to have one app that uses Cloudflare Access and Supabase.

Supabase with Github OAuth. Once your project is set up and you have your Config URL, log into Github and go to Settings > Developer Settings > OAuth Apps, and click on Register a new application. Give the OAuth application a name and copy <YOUR_CONFIG_URL>/auth/v1/callback in the Authorization callback URL. For the homepage URL, add the URL to your app. Once the fields have been filled, click on the Register application…

I have no idea what App means I this context. Access is not an identity provider you configure Access to use your identity provider (supabase) to authenticate your users via SAML or oauth.

If you want to use Access to then authenticate in GitHub there is a tutorial for that.

With Cloudflare Zero Trust, you can protect two types of web applications: SaaS and self-hosted.

Right. And the link in the post immediately above your quoted section describes how to configure Access to authenticate for GitHub.

The underlying identity source in use (OTP, Okta, Azure AD, GSuite or Supabase) makes no difference to how you configure the Access integration with GitHub.

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My original post asks how to integrate Cloudflare Access & Supabase.

I don’t think you understand what I am saying. I don’t think continuing this thread is useful to either of us. I will search for an answer elsewhere.

There are like 5 pieces of information that need to be exchanged between an IdP and a SAML provider. SAML is a standard with pretty minor variations. , mostly label names. Look at the tutorial for the 10 or so documented and fill in the bits. There are hundreds or thousands of SAML providers. They all follow the same standard.

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