Cloudflare Access stopped working

I can no longer access any of our system using Cloudflare Access.
I Keep getting a “Forbidden. You don’t have permission to view this. Please contact your system administrator.”

This is a problem that just started to happen today, and everything in the Cloudflare Zero Trust dashboard looks fine.

hey would you be able to share more details? do you have a ticket opened with support?

What are the current IdP that you’re using? add here the full configuration so we can check that

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I received a user report a few minutes ago about the same message. Can post separately if this ends up being a thread steal.

IdP is OTP, user hasn’t authed to my tenant before & isn’t in my users list yet. They just installed WARP & followed my instructions for ZTN sign in. I think they’re getting the message before IdP options even show up. I tried removing one of my test user identities & re-enrolling, but couldn’t reproduce the issue. The affected user isn’t currently in my geo region which might be a factor, though I don’t have any rules/policies based on geoip.

Just chiming in here that there is definitely an issue with Access Applications; we started seeing the same symptoms along the same time you did.

After a bunch of troubleshooting, we found that only Chrome and Safari were impacted: Firefox works fine. I have a ticket in with support, but haven’t heard back.

We’re limping along for now, but this is a pretty major issue for our org, as we use Access for everything internal.