CloudFlare Access SSO for WiFi

Is there a way to integrate Cloudflare Access SSO with WiFi access points?

Not directly, but with some creativity you could do it if your hotspot can be configured to require a single click to authorize access, and if you could protect that page behind Access. Note that protecting that page behind Access may not be possible, many access points need this page served directly to obtain the client’s mac address.

A possible improvement/workaround would be to have a page which generates a wifi coupon, and this page is hosted behind Access, once the user has a coupon then they could return to your hotspot and enter the coupon to gain access.

For this to work, you would need to whitelist the appropriate URLs in your local hotspot management system so that users can access the page, get redirected to Cloudflare’s Access URLs and back again.

Ultimately this would be fragile and I’d suggest that there are probably better approaches, but it wouldn’t be impossible.