Cloudflare access SPA logout with GSuite

Cloudflare access SPA logout with GSuite

I hope Im missing a trick here as despite the absence of any logout instructions in the docs Im lost how to logout when using GSuite identity provider.

Presume, that since it will just auto authenticate again if still logged into to GSuite, the intention is to actually logout of both GSuite and CFA.

There are some docs from years ago that suggest you could chain redirects such as Google Accounts

That was probably great for 3 days that it actually worked, now you just get a page say your going to an external site.

Should it be possible to make an ajax call to // and then redirect to the IdP provider logout after? I get CORS issues currently.

Some documentation or reference implementation would be nice

Wouldnt it be nice to have something like this:

:white_check_mark: documented
:white_check_mark: flexible (depending on federate flag)
:white_check_mark: clear