CloudFlare Access Setup

I am beyond confused on how to setup the zero trust access solution. Is there a proper walk through of setting Cloudflare Access up? I installed the gateway and downloaded the warp app on my laptop, but I can’t access any of my local resources that I setup in the GUI.

Elaborate a bit more what you’re trying to achieve, what you did it, and the results you got.

Instructions vary depending on what you want to achieve. Anyway it’s here:

Just trying to setup the basic access to my on prem resources. I have the gateway installed on my server providing the secure connection, and I have logged into the WARP app on my laptop, but none of my applications that I setup are accessible. I’m stuck on how to get the remote access actually working.

You did not elaborate much. I’m gonna try again.

If you go to your Zero Trust dashboard, do you see your tunnel active?

When you say Remote access, is it to a service such as web, ssh, remote desktop, or you added a network segment?

Oh sorry.

I do see the tunnel as active. I created applications 2, that were just internal websites that I can access over https, and one was an IP for a server I should be able to RDP into.

I guess one place i am not understanding is the Gateway part. There is a gateway listed under the Locations tab, but I am not sure if I need to add my gateway of my office IP there to get the requests routed over, or if the tunnel that I created should do the trick.

So did you configure your config.yml with the services you want to access through WARP?

Please, do provide way more information.

I didn’t. There were no instructions from Cloudflare to do that, or where to do that. I went through the setup that Cloudflare when I logged in.

  1. I downloaded the gateway client on to a 2016 Windows Server. It had me run a script to have the server connect to the access site to create the gateway. I then created the subnet for access in the portal

  2. I then went to Access and Applications to add the IP of one of my on prem servers, and hostnames for access to some local web servers.

  3. I then went to download the web client to my personal laptop to create the zero trust connection. I was able to connect, but not able to access any of the apps locally.

If there is more that I am suppose to be doing, I am unaware of those steps