Cloudflare Access RDP Bastion Host

I’m looking at deploying Bastion host for RDP access for my team remotely to our servers. Looking for some best practices here.

I’m thinking just get a CentOS host in our network and running cloudflared. Is that all I need?

@jamesyip correct, you are on the right track. Just be aware of the following while you are working on bastion mode set up:

If you are deploying Cloudflare Access for RDP in a bastion or jump host model:

  1. End users will need to specify the local address of the specific desktop they want to reach. In most cases, this will be the names used when connecting over RDP on a VPN.
    \cloudflared.exe access rdp --hostname --url localhost:2244 --destination rdpserver:3389
  2. Next, open the RDP client on the machine.
  3. Point it to localhost:2244 and initiate the connection.

I also suggest to read the common issues from the link below, it might come handy:

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