Cloudflare access problem

Stop : Is this post about the product “Cloudflare Access”?

Or, is this post about how you access Cloudflare?

If accessing Cloudflare, post in the #security category so your post is not ignored.
How to stop attack on my website?
My problem is about my Cloudflare access i am trying to access it with my google account it says “That account does not have access.” but when i try to login with a code it does not send it to my email here is my proof when i tryo to sign in with google.

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Are you the account owner of that Teams Access configuration?

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Yes I am the owner

I don’t use SSO, but I do use the Email PIN feature. Are you sure you’re accurately typing in an email address that’s on the Allow list?

Another problem is i don’t know the allow list or how can I enable it

That would be a Policy for the app in the teams dashboard. You can also get to it through