Cloudflare Access: now for SaaS apps, too



Hi everyone! I’m the PM for Access, checking in here. We’re really excited about launching Access for SaaS. Any feedback, comments or questions are very welcome. :grinning:


With these announcements out this week, it’s now a bit confusing for folks as we seem to have different mixes of CF Access and Gateway features across our accounts. It’s really hard for me to identify which Team plan I am actually using on Enterprise, Business and Free as they’re so similar.

I know there’s settings → Account hidden away in bottom left corner but most folks it seems hidden.

For my CF Enterprise that page shows

You are using an Enterprise Cloudflare plan. Please contact your account team to activate a Teams subscription.

So is Team subscriptions enabled or not ? The message there isn’t clear as I do have CF Access and Gateway For Teams features available.

I am sure other CF customers would be as confused too. Would be great if our CF dashboards clearly identified the Access/Gateway or CF One plans we’re currently on and list a side by side checkbox of features enabled for our current plan + what plan we need to upgrade to for additional features.

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Another general suggestion is with CF Access, when using email sign in, the email that arrives with Login code also has a link to * to allow folks to log right in without entering Login code. Would be nice if from CF Access dashboard if we can actually generate the * login link manually and be able to send it to the email user predefined as allowed as way of configuring guest access.

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Thank you for this feedback. I agree that the presentation of each plan level is currently confusing. This is something we’re reviewing with our design team to make the plan level and feature sets more clear.

To try and answer your specific question, we offer Teams (Access and Gateway) for free up to 50 users. This comes with the base set of features for Access and Gateway. If you haven’t explicitly added Teams or Access to your Cloudflare account, this is likely what you’re seeing.

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Does it include the ability to put the CloudFlare Dashboard behind Access too?