Cloudflare Access not working IE

We are using Azure with Cloudflare Acces. This is working fine in Chrome and Firefox, but seems to freeze in IE after passing Azure authentication. Anybody seen this before?

I don’t think IE is supported, considering that version is no longer supported by Microsoft on most operating systems…

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Well, it still is supported on 8.1 and 10 :slight_smile:

But yes, overall support for it probably is not a top priority at this point.

There are no new features and Edge is recommended everywhere. Supporting IE11 (let’s not even consider the older versions) having tons of issues and given its share nowadays ~1% it might not be even worth it, and it’s also dropping rapidly (more than halved in less than a year).

I was referring to its formal support.

Right now it appears to be around 3%

At that rate its market share should drop to zero around October 2021.