Cloudflare Access not sending OTP to whitelisted emails

I have gone through and added several emails to the Access Policy for our application. When visiting the website, we are prompted for our emails as expected but we never receive our OTP. We are using major email providers (gmail, outlook, etc.) and we have checked our spam folders. Is there a log somewhere with more details as to why we are not receiving this email even though we are whitelisted within the access policy?

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Hi @kmccmk9,

Can you confirm if you are still having this issue? I can’t confirm it and I don’t believe you can access any logs to dig into the cause.

I have definitely experienced this issue, and the lack of logs is problematic. When using the PIN method I have no ability to say to users that the email was sent. It would be really useful to have a log that we can look at and see that a user entered [email protected] instead of [email protected], or something else. Its just a black box.

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I would ping @SamRhea, he is pretty good at implementing feedback…

Sorry for the issue here. Our support team can diagnose the reason why a user did not receive the email (we have logs about when it was sent, and frequently more detail about why it did not arrive). Can you open a ticket and we can help triage?

Alternatively, you could integrate with one of the identity provider options to avoid the email flow entirely.

Thanks @SamRhea.

Is there a privacy issue in making the email logs visible in the normal Access logs? Even an obfuscated or partial version (like s**@c******** would be very helpful.

This particular workflow cannot really use an identity provider, everything else uses our corporate IdP.


It seem sot have magically started working. But at times it does seem to be intermittent.

I experience the same issue. @SamRhea could You help me resolve this issue?

this issue might be related with the fact that I had 2 OTP providers for the same domain

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