Cloudflare access manifest.json issues

I am getting this error after enabling cloudflare access on my webapp.
Chrome: manifest.json:1 Manifest: Line: 1, column: 1, Syntax error.

Firefox: Fetch event handlers must be added during the worker script’s initial evaluation.

In dev tools network tab:
manifest.json is returning a 302 code but is loaded, if I double click on it I can see the content.
And there is another identical manifest file loaded from cloudlfare

I tried changing the "start_url": in the manifest with the but with no luck still same issue.
The problem is that chrome no longer recognize it as a pwa, I don’t have the option to install it for example. Before enabling access eveything worked fine.

Not sure whether this is related to the Session Duration set in your Cloudflare Access application. Did you set to No duration?

It is set to 24 hours
I edited a property in the manifest from "display": "fullscreen", to standalone and for some reason the problem solved by itself. I cleared the cache and everything is working again. I did this before but I don’t know why now solved the problem.

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Solved it by using crossorigin="use-credentials" in the <link rel='manifest' href="{{ asset('manifest.json') }}" crossorigin="use-credentials">

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