Cloudflare Access Identify Provider Error

We’re running into an issue with the Okta IDP with one of our access users. She consistently receives an authentication error “Failed to fetch user/group information from the identify provider”

The error happens each time she logins into Cloudflare Access when trying to RDP into a remote desktop. I’m having issues identifying what is the problem and it seems to happen for her email only.

  1. Has she cleared all her cookies–not just for a single site, but for all websites?
  2. Are you sure she’s using the correct identifier when logging in?
  3. Have you tried temporarily changing her password and logging in on her behalf?

Hi Zenexer - I believe deleting all cookies and reseting her Okta password ended up working! I’ll continue to monitor this issue and let you know if I run into any issues. Thank you for your help!!