Cloudflare Access for SaaS / SAML integration?

You recently published a blog post about how Cloudflare Access for SaaS now supports being an intermediate SAML provider in front of your SAML provider for SaaS applications:

Is there a reason this can’t be used for self-hosted applications where we can’t easily control the auth flow, such as in native applications? I’m currently trying to find a solution for using self-hosted Seafile with Cloudflare in front.

As long as your application supports SAML, you can use the Access for SaaS feature. Where your application is hosted really doesn’t matter.

I have my WordPress site which is hosted in a VPS, and I can integrate WordPress with Cloudflare Access via SAML with the use of a WordPress plugin. We have Elastic Stack hosted on our private data center and I can also enable SAML inside Kibana to integrate with Cloudflare Access.

Looks like Seafile supports SAML too:

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