Cloudflare Access Duplicate Applications Help

I have raised this ticket #2228312.

I have changed my domain that the applications live on and updated them in cloudflare teams, and updated the team domain to be the same, however it has ended up that all the users see 2 or 3 of the same application in the cloudflare application portal, with only one of them working obviously.

Deleting the app and recreating it wont fix it or adding and removing users is there a way to remove the old applications?

I have also now removed all apps and it still shows the applications in the app manager that dont exist, I cant remove them

Hi, i’m wondering if anyone has encounter the same issue i’m facing after changed the team domain ( from old to the new team domain? , i noticed after the team domain changes ,in app launcer got two app icon with the same app name , the correct one and the other one from the old team domain (https://access_app_OLD_TEAM_DOMAIN.cloudflareaccess.com_APP_URL/)


Hi @joe13 and @harrisharyanto,

I have merged your topics together as you both seem to be having the same issue.

I’ll escalate this now as it doesn’t appear like intentional behaviour and the community can’t help with this.

Thank you all for flagging this. The Access team will investigate.


Perfect thank you