Cloudflare Access Custom Login Page

Hi Cloudflare community,

I’m planning to use Cloudflare access to provide secure and restricted access to my website to users. Can anyone please help me understand how I can use Cloudflare with a custom login page to log in users and allow access to the website to logged-in users only?

For example, I have an HTML page hosted at, which contains a method of authenticating the user(can be either a javascript file or sends a request to identity provider used with Cloudflare access, etc.). Once the user is logged in, they are provided access to If the user tries to access without being logged in, they are redirected to

Unless you’re willing to spend $7 per user per month, I would highly recommend against using Cloudflare Access for your user login. There are other great managed user providers like auth0 or Amazon Cognito that are specially designed around being a cost-effective way of managing user identity easily.

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