Cloudflare Access connecting multiple websites to one by default?


I have 2 domains on Cloudflare and I previously enabled Cloudflare Access on one of them. Today I also added Cloudflare Access to my 2nd website and when I access this domain, it redirects me to my other domain’s Cloudflare Access login page.

How is this even possible? I don’t want to see other website’s name when I access another website. How do I fix this?

To better clarify the situation, let’s name the websites Example1 and Example2. Here’s what I see when I go to Example1 (;

As you can see everything’s normal. I see Example1 in the URL name ( and the application name.

However, when I access my other website, Example2 (, I see this;

As you can see it shows me the other website’s URL ( even though I’m on website Example2.

How do I fix this? They are 2 separate domains. I don’t want them to get mixed.

Your authentication realm / team name (example1) is account wide and unrelated to the name of an individual website or domain. Changing your realm name can be a massive PITA depending on how heavily you are using the product. But if all you have is these 2 policies it’s probably a pretty light shift to redo any policies and IDPs in place.

You probably want to pick a Team name unrelated to either domain like awesome-example since it is an account wide setting.

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